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Transactional bulk SMS in coimbatore – Lion SMS

Transactional sms is used to communicate information to your client. Transactional sms will be delivered to all mobile numbers including DND numbers across India. Only information can be sent through transactional panel. Marketing content, wish messages, are not allowed in transactional panel. We provide OTP route in transactional sms panel. Clients who use transactional sms are

school - school use transactional sms to send attendance message, fees pending information, school function news, emergency information.

College - college uses transactional sms to send mark and attendance details to parent.

Share broker - Share brokers uses transactional sms to send share tips to all customer across India.

Software company - software company use our transactional SMS API to send sms.

Business people - to send message to customer regarding payment remainder.

e commerce - online shopping company use transactional route to send OTP verification code

Single transactional SMS is 160 character in english, in unicode its approximately 70 character. Transactional sms can be sent to N number of people in single shot. Normal delivery time for transactional sms is less than 1 min. OTP is instant delivery.

We are one of the leading transactional bulk sms provider in coimbatore, we have client in all different vertical small scale business to large scale business, educational institute, service provider, NGO, share brokers, retail shop.

Both transactional SMS open route and Transaction SMS closed routes are available. For school we provide open route. There extra documentation to get open transactional SMS route.

LionSMS provide transactional white label reseller panel. N number of customers can be created trough a reseller panel. Sender id approval for reseller panel will take around 2 hours. To approve each sender id proof has to be submitted.